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Blúdim po facebooku (=prepisujem čiernu kroniku ;)) a David Bonk, bývalý člen skupiny Panik, pridal príspevok Love. A keďže to je David a ja som ja, tak som si to, samozrejme, prečítala :)
Neviem, odkiaľ to má, ale zapáčilo sa mi to, a preto to dám aj tu.
Je to v angličtine, ale myslím, že porozumiete všetkému ;)

Help installation program "Love" technical support: Please, how can I help you?
Client: after a long journey, I decided to install the program called "Love". You can instruct how to do it?
T.Y.: of course I can. Are you ready to start?
W: I'm just layman from technology, but let's try. What should I do?
T.Y.: the first step is to locate and open my heart ". You can locate it?
W: Yes, but there are other many programs running at the moment. There is no problem to install the "Love" while running the other?
T. h: what programs running now?
W: half a minute to see ... There is one called "Old Wounds", "low Self-esteem" and others "Resentment", "revenge", "Solitude", "Xechwristotita".
T.Y.: okay. Just install the program ' Love ', these gradually will delete these programs by the operating system.
May remain in memory but will not prevent the operation of other programs. The program "Love" replacing "Low self-esteem" with another section called "High self-esteem". However, you should permanently delete other programs: "Resentment", "revenge", "Solitude", "Xechwristotita". These two interfere with the installation of the ' Love '.
Q: How can I delete? Can you tell me?
T.Y.: With pleasure. Go with the mouse on your screen bottom left, where it says ' start ' and select the program "Forgiveness" and make a click.
Repeat as many times as necessary until you delete both programs completely.
W: Oh, nice! Done already. Wch ... but the program "Love" began only in the installation. This is normal?
T.Y.: Yes, but remember that you have only the first version of the Basic program, you will need to connect with other "Hearts" to upgrade.
W: Oh! I receive an error message that says: Error-the program may not work with external assistance ' ... What is this?
T.Y.: don't worry. This means that the program "Love" has been built to run with an internal "Hearts" but not yet run in your heart. In non-jargon, means that you must love yourself before you are ready to love others.
W: I.e.? What do I do now?
T.Y.: Download the program "Accepting oneself" and click on the following files: "Forgiveness", "self Aware value me", "recognition of my limits.
W: Okay, I did it.
T.Y.: Fine. Now copy these files in your root folder "my heart". The system will delete any incompatible file and repair all incorrect files. Also, you need to delete the "Negative Criticism", "Chatter", "Unnecessary thoughts '. Then go to the Recycle Bin and permanently delete them from there.
W: Became. Wp!! The folder "my heart" begins to fill with new files. "Serenity" and "Completeness" copy themselves, the files in the folder "my heart". This is normal?
T. Y.: Yes. This indicates that the program "Love" is already installed and running. Last thing before slamming the phone. The program "Love" is free, you don't need a activation code, so give it to anyone you can. May I reciprocate some good files for upgrade.
W: thank you with all my heart!


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1 Emma B. Emma B. | Web | 14. prosince 2011 v 17:54 | Reagovat

Pekné :-).

2 Jully Jully | Web | 16. prosince 2011 v 16:18 | Reagovat

Tak prelúskala som sa tým aj keď som mala namále :D :D Anglina nie je práve mojou silnou stránkou, no pri tomto texte som nemusela ani vedieť perfektne po anglicky, aby som porozumela :) Skutočne krásne a zaujímavý a inšpirujúci spôsob ako niečo také napísať :)

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